Posted on Feb 23, 2021

Steadfast Tree Care Stafford

Avoiding Tree-Related Wildlife Problems: 3 Ways to Prevent Homeowner Headaches

Trees are obviously important to local wildlife, but many arborists and tree-care professionals fail to consider the way their services influence local birds, bugs, and other critters. This not only includes things like the way you decide to prune the trees on a given property, but also the species you recommend clients install.

In some cases, these influences are generally positive – helping wildlife is generally a good thing. But in other cases, supporting local animals can cause headaches for homeowners and property managers. So, consider some of the ways your work will affect local wildlife species and be sure that you aren’t causing problems for your clients down the road.

We’ll talk about three different ways you can help avoid creating these kinds of problems and address existing issues so that your clients can enjoy a harmonious relationship with the local fauna.
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